Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conversation on Life

Swaroopa sent me an SMS one day in the usual manner in which she sends strong thoughts. On that occasion it led to a prolonged conversation.
Swaroopa, “Life is many things, it is whatever meaning you give it, but no matter what it means, you must make the most out of it because you only have this life once.”
Reply, “Sorry I don’t agree.”
Swaroopa “But why?”
Reply, “Life has no significant purpose, infact it has no purpose at all, just like a tree or an insect lives, humans also live. Second, life does not happen once, we live again and again. Our thoughts and actions each time creates our circumstance for the next time. So…”
Swaroopa, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
Reply, “There is nothing unusual or ordinary in life, it is thinking which creates such images, and it differs from person to person.”
Swaroopa, “No, I have some reservations, trees and insects don’t have brains, to decide what is the purpose or aim of their life, whereas human beings can do so, may it be a right thought or not.”
Reply, “Every life form has a brain, it regulates the body, attacks or does some activity for food, takes care of new born and makes strategies for survival.”
Swaroopa, “Though we live again and again, not everybody remembers their past life, so jo bhi hai wahi sahi hai, that is the ultimate truth at that moment.”
Reply, “Correct, live for the moment and you will live happy. That is the only key.”
The dialogue over mobile phones ended there. I don’t know whether I succeeded in conveying my thoughts correctly to Swaroopa and therefore this explanatory blog came into being.

People now-a-days consider it wise to pass on philosophical messages downloaded from some website without examining its contents on the scale of impact and utility to human welfare. Some of such messages are downright wisecracks shrouded in the image of philosophy. Swaroopas’ message was one such, which is plain lies and only serves to put psychological pressure on the reader. Instead of making their lives easier it only taunts them to make it complicated.

Secondly the question also struck me as to who am I to oppose the YOLO cult and why should my belief be the sacrosanct one. I conceded that one in part. While I am definitely nobody to deny the YOLO cult of its rightful place in the world of beliefs, I know that my belief and understanding is the right one. Repeated births or rebirth has been clinically chronicled by a western Doctor, a product of its scientific culture, Dr. Brian Weiss in a series of publications since more than two decades ago. Since then many western and eastern medical doctors offer treatment for illness through Regression. Eastern pundits have been crying themselves hoarse propagating the rebirth theory since ages but here I chose to ignore them. But what is it that structure or element which ensures a rebirth? Well, it is the mind.

A body is temporary and intelligence and brain power is bound to the body. Mind is the platform that coordinates both intelligence and body so as to aspire towards dreams. While survival and progeny are the objectives of the body and intelligence, desire - its creation and fulfillment is the objective of the mind. Mind is the most powerful element in this world. When in focus and concentrated it can control anything in this universe but when let loose it has a tendency to wander, shift constantly from one subject to the next and become uncontrollable. To hold on to the mind is difficult but not impossible. The depth of the mind is known only to a few who have learnt to control it, but its height can be enjoyed by many as can be seen in the field of science and art, inventions and creativity. The mind has Electro-Magnetic (for want of better word) nature or character. A thought entertained in one’s mind attracts similar thoughts in others. A thought converted into desire works out its own fulfillment with the support of positive impulses and efforts from the body and intelligence and without any negative signals from anywhere. A strong and unfulfilled desire of the mind therefore plays out into a new body.

Life which ticks in every moving and non-moving form in this universe is energy. As a result of various activities of the mind, intelligence and body, one type of energy gets converted into another and a revised restoration of balance is ensured by nature. This restoration of balance happens in the form of destruction of extra benefits and factors which are causing the imbalance. While we can’t visualise and foresee the work of natural restoration of balance, we can often see it as a material price being paid for getting material something. However this rebalancing doesn’t always take place instantaneously and sometimes it takes its own sweet time. The mind is an element made of this life energy and is therefore ruled by the natural law of balance. The mind which has extracted some benefit without paying its price, or has made a sacrifice without enjoying the benefit is bound to return in a new body to repay.

A question arises that if the mind is so powerful and a part of the life energy then why should it get involved with unfulfilled desires and unpaid benefits. The answer is because the mind is bound to ignorant body and ignorant intelligence therefore in the relentless pursuit of Maya it too becomes ignorant and gets involved in the game of Maya.  Mind can become bound to a body by way of habits, sensations (good and bad) and sense gratifications. Mind is also molded by experience, arguments, influence and can be made to change with efforts. Such an ignorant mind which has lost touch with the truth and bound to the body and intelligence becomes the ego and an ego is always entangled in the cycle of rebirths.

Therefore my suggestion to all is that, ‘come, snap out of this illusion, recognise the truth about life, it has no purpose, break the chains of body and intelligence, detach the mind from them, and life simple, just because we breathe.