Thursday, October 27, 2011


1. Strength is important on the inside, do everything even renunciation from a position of strength. Do nothing out of weakness.
2. Fear nothing, have extreme fearlessness and extreme compassion, be gentle. Don’t fear anybody or anything and let no one fear you.
3.”Bear with them”, remain equanimous to external factors, control mind.
4. Soul cannot kill nor can be killed.
5. Action and meditation, both are important, internal and external.
6. Make continuous effort to move or transform from Tamas to Rajas to Sattva state.
7. Beings come from the unknown, live in the known and go back into the unknown. So what is there to be worried about?
8. Make pleasure and pain, gain and loss, conquest and defeat, the same. Work with balanced attitude, calm attitude, then, you will achieve great results.
9.  Be a Yogi, be equanimous, evenness of mind.
10. Perform actions abandoning attachment, remaining unconcerned as regards success or failure. This evenness of mind is known as Yoga.
11. Control the senses, sense organs.
12. One who restrains the organs of action, yet entertains thoughts of sense objects in mind, is a hypocrite.
13. One who controlling the senses by the mind, remains unattached, directs the organs of action to the yoga of action, excels.
14. Do actions free from attachment, for sake of Yajna, to give and not to take (in mind), and then there will be no bondage.
15. Action cannot be avoided, take action but for others welfare, without personal attachment.
16. Action is because of Prakriti – nature, our ego assumes that we are doing it.
17. Forces of nature act with forces of nature, inside to outside, outside to inside, know this, don’t get attached.
18. Sense organs and sense objects these are forces of nature that act and react with each other; our mind is in between, when mind gets involved ego develops, craving and aversions develop.
19. Desire unrestrained, anger and uncontrolled mind covers true knowledge.
20. Beyond body and sensory organs, is the mind, beyond mind is the intellect and beyond intellect is the atman.
21. Be a Rajarshi, be without craving, without fear and anger, have control and discipline of the mind and thinking.
22. Nirvikalpa – without mental modifications, a state of no mind.
23. Let the mind be satisfied all the time; then detachment will come, work will not be work anymore, it will become enjoyable.
24. With faith and shraddha, discipline and control the senses,   and be free.
25. Renunciation and action are one when the mind is focused on the self, in tapas, with detachment, in the spirit of yoga.
26. With sense organs under control, immerse in self, recognize it as the same self in all beings, work like a Yogi, for the benefit of all. Detachment comes.
27. Detachment alone can set you free, one is basically free, it is the bondage of sense organs that imprisons us, we cannot become what we are not.
28. Humans have two natures, one internal and the other external, all action is because of nature, let the internal nature be supreme.
29. At the level of the self (above intellect) all life forms are the same, there is no difference, there is absolute equality and unity.
30. Develop equanimity; stay equidistant from pleasantness and unpleasantness, both extremes. Stay unattached from / to external factors / contacts and become free from external environment.
31. Our six enemies; Kama (unrestrained lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (delusion), Mada (arrogance or pride), Matsarya (jealousy). All connected to external contact and leading to unhappiness.
 32. Dependence on external factors brings unhappiness; freedom from external factors brings happiness.
33. Control your desires; you are your own friend and enemy.
34. Let the supreme self be the object of constant realisation.
35. Conquer your senses such that mud stone and gold seem the same.
36. Retire into solitude and practice concentration of the mind.
37. Let the heart be serene and fearless.
38. Avoid extremes, be moderate in everything you do, not too much austerities or too much indulgence.
39. From a scattered mind become a gathered mind.
40. When seeing the self by the self, one is satisfied in the self.
 41. Sense organs have no role, the self can be realized only by trained buddhi i.e. intellect.
42. Control of the mind can be achieved through Abhyas, Vairagya and Sraddha.
43. Earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect and ego are the lower eight parts of nature. Intelligence and conscience are the two higher parts of nature.
44. Maya is like the magic of the magician. When you get involved in the magic you are caught but when you are focused on the magician you can’t get caught in his magic. The maya is very difficult to cross if we do not focus on the mayavi, the one who crates the magic.
45. The gunas are also maya. Tamas pulls one deeper into maya, rajas retain one in maya and Sattva helps one to pull out of maya. Sattva is not the highest reality, it only shows the direction.
46. There are four seekers of the mayavi / magician. The distressed, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth and the spiritually wise one who seeks for the sake of love, which is the best.
47. Craving and aversion are the two main obstacles.
48. Beyond the manifest is the unmanifest. When one is steadfast, disciplined and detached, in pursuit of the unmanifested, one surely attains it.
49. Strive for the unmanifest and the unmanifest will help you to advance further, through intellect, Buddhi, the unmanifest will help you to advance.
50. It is the body conscience that holds us back from understanding the universal atman, the Brahman. The whole function of knowledge and intellect is to penetrate the surface and see the one behind the many.
51. One who does work for me alone and has me for his or her goal, is devoted to me, is free from sensory attachments and bears no enemity towards any being, he or she will attain to me. 
                                                                                                                                 (From Chapters 1 to 11)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A different take on current events

A couple of events or rather phenomenon that are happening in the world today and drawing queer responses from the wise is disturbing me. I am primarily referring to the precarious economic crises in Europe and the USA. The west is richer and a better place to live, no doubts about that. The people in the western countries have a better life style is also true. But does that justify people and countries to live beyond their means?
I would not like to argue this from an economic point of view alone as the wise are currently doing. Every expert worth their weight in salt criticizes Greece, Spain and America from the perspective of (a) huge budget deficit wherein the Government spends more on welfare than it collects by way of taxes, and (b) people at their individual level are spending more than they are earning. Nobody has a solution to offer. How can they have a solution? Capitalism, Socialism or a refined mixture of the two, whatever policies one may follow, cannot offer a solution against itself. This is primarily because life is not just an economic problem to solve.
Life is continuous cycle of birth and death and the current condition depends on one’s past actions. The two variable both unknown and indeterminate in this equation are (i) one does not know of one’s past actions and therefore current expected levels of comforts/discomforts cannot be expected or anticipated, (ii) for each individual this above factor is different. It is not as if Socialism or Capitalism is at fault or a failure. It is just that some people or group of people (call them a country) are doing better or worse than others. That is also because people of similar nature tend to live together just like birds of the same feather flock together. So we always have situations where some families do better than others and taking the argument further where some countries are doing better than others. But each one, whether individual or family or group or country has its own band, a band with an upper limit and a lower limit of permissible levels of comforts/discomforts. Whenever these folks try to exceed these limits, life does not support them. Inspite of best policies and best intentions, their flight of fancy is grounded.    
The economic theory of Consumerism would not accept this argument, Christian faith which does not believe in rebirth would not accept this and neither would modern science. When somebody says that ‘in life we always get what we deserve and never what we desire’, it is immediately branded as defeatist, fatalistic and plain rubbish.  
I am not a thinker, nor a philosopher, but I can jot down a few suggestions for the people of this world to ponder. (a) do good action always, whether it be of the mind, mouth or body, life will always keep improving; (b) listen to your inner voice rather than what commercial ads and peers tell you about what is good for you; (c) stay within decent limits of austerities, today a car is a necessity but a cheaper car is always preferable than a costlier one; (d) consider your work as a duty rather than as a means to an end, do your duty and leave the rest to life to decide; (e)live through whatever situation life places you, without any reaction but with a smile, encourage others to do the same, charity and welfare is welcome to the extent it facilitates to stand up and work and not beyond; (f) poor cannot be eliminated from the world, they are there because of their own deeds and they have been there since beginning of time; (g) loss of every kind is inevitable, some have a bigger share depending on past actions, take it in your stride and encourage others to do the same.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life passes by!

Feeling anger as I sit and reflect,
Desperate I gaze, with frustration
And hopelessness upon the future,
As I consider my plight.

And life passes by.

The regular routine is not for me,
Neither are desires and wants for me,
Disinterest and indifference for daily events,
A normal day is boredom for me.

And life passes by.

Car and shares are a bother,
Wife and kids are a burden,
Money and power are a tension,
Alone by myself is heaven.

And life passes by.

My basic nature I have seen,
My mind my ego and all,
The steering is still in their hands,
They still make me dance.

And life passes by.

Persevere calls a voice from within,
Every moment has its meaning,
Today I still am a victim of the senses,
But only a prisoner knows real liberty.

And life passes by.

Wisdom is in equanimity,
Balancing the defeats with the victories,
Rise and proceed even when, pothole
Cause a stumble and level roads cause a crash.

Still, life passes by.