Monday, November 29, 2010

My first creative work

Love in this age is a security against solitude;

It’s an exchange coupon for company;

Commit to me and I will love you in gratitude;

Say you love me and I shall attach myself in symphony.

Love for the sake of love is so selfish;

Love with no expectations is so cruel;

Love without responsibility is of course cowardice;

For such ordinary feelings you deserve a banish.

Affection without reason is not understood;

Care without revert is misunderstood;

Being there without commitment is a fake;

Love with detachment is only for gods’ sake.

Say of what good is such a barter;

When you have no power over the next minute what so ever;

Why plan for the future with such fear my brother;

Why not live for today as beautiful as ever.

Ha! Where do you get your weird concepts from Bo;

Why can’t you follow the norms Bo;

Why do you make your near ones cry for love Bo;

What good will such a moksh be to anyone Bo.