Friday, December 5, 2008

The first post...

Too many people seem to be creating blogs either as individuals or as groups. As a form of expression for the ordinary citizen, it is very effective in two ways, one to convey the feelings erupting in the heart, and two to store these thoughts effectively without any messy paper work. For me there is one more reason to add to the list and that is to improve my language and writing skill. Therefore at the outset let me announce proudly that this is a mediocre blog. In time to come, if I can improve the contents even by a few degrees I will be satisfied. Currently I am writing for myself and I don’t have the guts to invite anybody to such banal expressions. Tomorrow if somebody walks in it would be at their own risk.
I had spent quite a lot of time on the title for this blog. In fact more than 24 hours. Every idea flopped including “bose”. I was fiddling around with a number of words and a favorite topic ‘trust’ just came to the surface. One thing lead to another and ‘trust your life’ was instantly accepted by the site. Since it had rejected all my earlier proposals I hastily consented to this immediate acceptance. On after thought I believe that this title is apt in today’s world.
Love for life, love for everybody, love for everything is very essential for all human beings. When I simply love, I fully trust. When I fully trust, I don’t fear. When I don’t fear, I don’t have any negative emotions like anger or sadness. This simple truth about life when put into practice can resolve every dispute can dissolve every hurdle. Love is trust and trust is love. One does not need to go out of the way to prove anything to anybody. There need not be any display, neither is there any expectation. To simply love and trust the world is to love and trust our own life. To be in the present moment and to accept the reality of our own life is the best gift we can give and receive from this universe. Expressing love is good but even the thought of love in the heart is enough. The body would take care of all the required expressions.
To love and trust life is to believe that whatever happens, it is for the good. It is the best possible outcome in the given circumstance considering all our efforts in the past and present. To accept the given situation gracefully and graciously would mean to enable our self to grow in every sense of the word.
To love and trust life is to know that all our needs are provided for. It really does not take much to live a simple life. A simple life promises freedom from stress, anxiety, greed, and many such ailments. The promise of freedom also means that you can do what your heart wants to do. Therefore to love and trust life is to know that when you are doing what makes you happy, then when you need food life will provide for it. Trust life like a baby trusts its mother. When we were babies and cried for food, life gave us our mother with food. Why have we lost that trust as we grew up? This is not advocating lethargy but a push for being fearless. One of course would have to work and exert for food, clothing and shelter but with a difference. That difference being the absence of fear. Do what you love to do, do what would make you happy, and your life will see to it that you have worked enough to meet your basic needs. My father often used the expression ‘simple living and high thinking’ when it came to defining our ancestors who conceptualised classics like the ‘Veda’, ‘Gita’, ‘Ramayana’ or scientist and mathematicians who invented number systems including ‘zero’ or state craft specialist like ‘Chanakya’. They did not die of starvation but their work is remembered till this day.
To love and trust, to be free from fear, to accept life as it unveils would result in freedom from all negative emotions like anger and sad. Emotions attract and create more emotions. It multiplies in our own heart and in the hearts of others. Therefore when laughter creates more laughter, anger also creates more anger. This spiraling effect has a very bad impact when it comes to negative emotions and is the cause of all resentment, hatred, violence, depression and sadness that we see all across the world on every human face today.